Dear Parents,

We are all aware of the pandemic and its consequences. Schools are closed and we are all concerned about the education and future of our children.
As a School we have taken measures to conduct online classes. It is mandatory that parents give their fullest cooperation, make time and provision for your children to follow the lessons and make sure that they study and do all that is required of them. Our teachers will do their best to ensure that lessons are taught and the syllabuses are covered to the best of their abilities.

I also wish to give parents a gentle reminder about the fees. We know the difficulties faced by everyone. The administrative staff, the tutorial staff and supportive staff have to be paid their salaries. Already we have taken an overdraft. It will be a great and timely help if you can pay the fees especially those who can do so and are not dependent on your own businesses etc. If necessary you can discuss with me. Thank you. Be safe. May God bless you.

Fr. Rector

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